Remembering The Years

At Seven Hills School

1970 - 1974

Becky Almond Green '71

Beth Mundy and Connie Templeton May 1970

Jean Taylor, Becky Thompson, Lucy Craddock and Elizabeth Cary .... 1970

Martha Marshall, Anne Parks, Nadine Greenwood, Mandy Owen and Elizabeth Chandler

Mrs. Sadler, Ms Hudnall and Stevie McCarthy

Frances Barksdale, Cathy Whitehouse, Ann Carol Tweedy, Ann Mills, Elizabeth Thornhill, Cecelia Clark and Kathy Owen

Cindy Cook, Helen Lewis and Selene McCarthy 1971

Toni Christian, Liza Owen and Mary Scott Burruss February 1972

1972 New Teaching Staff..... Deborah Whittlesey, Norma Jo Whitten, Stanley Bird, Mrs. Doughty and Mrs. Washburn





Seven Hills Home