Remembering The Years

At Seven Hills School


Rebecca Lee Phillips '75

Susan Garbee '75

Dabney Watts and Patty Hart

Amy Basten '75

Ferrell Teague, Helen Stone and Kirk Hotchkiss October 1975

Billy Barksdale and Mary Glenn McCausland.. March 1975

Marita Johnson '75

Mimi Humphrey '75

Cameron Frey '76

Martha Fisher, Blair Holston and Jane Leggett February 1975

Kathy Terrell '76

Branna Wills, Kent Watts, Susan WIlliams, Betsy Williams and Persis Thompson... May 1973

Mr. Bailey, Mary Glenn McCausland, Susan Leggett and Ellen White 1976

Jeanne Fancher '76

Michael Blakely and Julia Owen June 1977

1977 Basketball Team

Burks Overby, Kelly Matthews, Mr. Bill Bailey and Ann Goode

Persis Thomson '76

Spencer Brugh February 1978





Seven Hills Home