The Idea for this slide show came about when Duke struck up a conversation about the reunion

with Mrs. Craddock and Ann while they were walking. Mrs. Craddock mentioned to Duke that she’d

been on the founding committee of Seven Hills School. Since she was unable to attend our

luncheon, I asked if I could record her telling the story. After hearing the story, I thought it would

be interesting to illustrate it with photos and such from the archives in a slide show format.

Jones Memorial has Seven Hills School archives.


Seven Hills College Preparatory School For Girls began in February 1959 when Perkins Flippin,

(Mrs. George E. Flippin) hosted a meeting of interested mothers who believed that their daughters

should have the advantages of small classes, excellent teachers and superior curricula.


There was no private local school for girls. Moms didn't want to send girls away to school.

Mrs. Craddock stressed that the school was founded to give woman the chance to assume

leadership and have a good education. She pointed out that in coed environment,

women stand back; the mothers’ motive in founding school was to empower their daughters.

Mrs. Craddock described this and subsequent meetings as being very exciting and stimulating.

Perkins was a woman of action.



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